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Carbon Limestone Cobble Setts. Stylish, dark grey limestone paving that turns a deep, black colour when wet. A colour that fits in with any landscaping colour scheme. To complement our paving range, there are many varieties of matching Cobble Setts available. These make a great feature within your patio and an attractive border.

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Stone setts are deceptively robust and last for the long-haul. This means they are extremely versatile and suited to spaces including patios, garden paths, edging and driveways. What is the difference between cobbles, setts, and carpet stones? While cobblestones and setts look similar, they''re not quite the same. The main difference is the shape.

Setts, cubes and cobbles

Setts, cubes and cobbles. Often confused, setts and cubes and cobbles are all pieces of natural stone, never more than 300mm, but the format of each, and they way in which they are laid, can be radically different. Once commonplace, nowadays a feature of pedestrian and low-speed areas such as driveways and shopping streets.

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Granite Cobbles from Millbrook, a leading supplier of Granite Cobbles & Granite Setts in Dublin and Ireland. Hand chipped granite setts are hard & durable.

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Paving Superstore Pro Range-Granite-Silver GreySETTS. Add to Wishlist. Add to Compare. Per M 2 Price From £39.44. Per Pack Price From £355.00. Split The Pack. Also in this range. PAVING CIRCLE FEATURE KITS PAVING SLABS SETTS BULLNOSE STEPS …

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Cobble Setts & Block Paving. To complement our paving range, there are many varieties of matching Cobble Setts available.These make a great feature within your patio and an attractive border. Block paving is durable and hard-wearing, making it popular for paths or driveways.

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Limestone Cobbles & Setts are the traditional hard wearing yet visually friendly treatment for areas of high footfall and heavy usage.These are natural material, which is environmentally, sound, recyclable, perpetual color, and hand cut by Artisans.

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Cobbles/Setts – Natural Split. Cobbles/Setts – Natural Split can be produced in virtually any size and finish imaginable. Custom sizes can be produced upon request, however we stock a wide range of core products that are available for immediate delivery.

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Black Granite Cobble 100x100 mm Black Granite Setts are suitable for edging driveways and paths. Available in Silver Grey and Black colour, Granite Setts are Ideal for driveways, paths and edging. The packs are sold by the 1 tonne and 1/2 tonne crate. A full tonne crate should give around 6.5m coverage.

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SETTS AND COBBLES. TUMBLED SETTS YORKSTONE; WALLING STONE RANGE. AGED TUMBLED WALLING; OLD WALLING STONE; NEW WALLING STONE; NEWS ITEMS; CONTACT INFO; STONE ROOFING; Home » Setts & Cobbles Range. Setts & Cobbles Range Chris Harney 2019-06-25T21:20:12+00:00. Setts & Cobbles. Tumbled Yorkstone setts. Reclaimed old Yorkstone setts…

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Stone Setts & Cobbles. We provide new or reclaimed York stone setts and cobbles, perfect for any driveway or adding the finishing touches to other York stone projects. Our York stone cobbles and setts are durable and tough so provide an ideal surface for any …

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Granite Cobbles Products. Granite being by default a very strong stone, those cobblestones (also called setts) are even stronger - thanks to their thickness of min 50 mm and their natural composition. We stock various sizes and colours of granite cobbles with their textures being either fine-picked, tumbled or cropped.

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Cobbles and setts are traditionally used for pathways and courtyards to give that old rustic feeling, popular to add atmosphere and gravitas to a driveway. Now though they are common for creating features in s, with people using them to great effect to compliment their green space and add the rustic feel to other parts of their property. We have a stunning range of cobbles and ...

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For a more traditional option, our multi-coloured cobbles helps to deliver a nostalgic charm that can only be found in granite edging. Our porcelain cobble options are a fantastic alternative to standard granite stone cobbles & setts. Porcelain paving is notoriously strong so the cobble version is no different and as porcelain is low ...

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Cobbles & Setts. New & reclaimed paving setts & cobbles in granite, sandstone & limestone, a huge range of cobble sizes & colours for patio, paving and driveways. RP Williams Jones stock a huge range of stone Cobbles and stone Setts for paving, patio and driveways. Choose from our huge variety of stones, size cobble, colours and finishes.

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Image-5-Reclaimed-York-stone-Cobbles-773. Image-1-Reclaimed-York-stone-Cobbles-103. Image-2-Reclaimed-York-stone-Cobbles-777. ... As popular reclaimed as they''re new, these reclaimed granite setts make perfect for driveways and being salvaged add so much more character. ...

Tumbled Setts

Tumbled setts offer a more regularised and cost effective alternative to traditional stone setts whilst providing a similar aesthetic. Excavations need not be as deep as is required for traditional Yorkstone setts which are usually 150 / 200mm deep. Laying is easier due to the regularised thickness and handling and transportation is more cost ...

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Cobbles, Setts. Our Hardstone Indian Sandstone Cobbles or ''setts'' can offer an attractive, robust and durable surface for driveways and also complement areas of paving. As well as being ideal for courtyards, driveways, paths and patios, they can be used to edge circles, patios, flower beds and are very useful for awkward spaces when cutting ...

What Is The Difference Between Cobbles and Setts?

 · Cobbles. Cobbles also referred to as Cobblestones derives from the word cob which means rounds lump. Whilst people often confuse setts and cobbles, the main way in which cobbles differ is that they are rounded as opposed to the square shape of a Sett. Many people see then as being pebble-like or similar to small boulders but they are defined on ...

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Paving Stone Setts / Cobbles / Stone Paving | Galway Stone. Natural Stone Paving. Irish Limestone Paving. Porcelain Paving. Granite Paving. Paving Stone Circles. Black Limestone Cobbles - Natural €1.25. 200mm x 100mm - €1.25 100mm x 100mm - €0.65. Mint Sandstone Cobbles - Natural €1.25.

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From borders to paths and drives to full paving, granite setts are popular for creating attractive patterns when used in combination with other types of setts or with paving such as flags or slabs. With a wide range different styles of setts and cobbles, our stock is continuously changing. Please don''t hesitate to call us on 0141 889 7010 or ...

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Setts and Cobbles. Stock range. Mid Grey Granite Setts. Stock range. Aged Granite Setts. Stock range. Balmoral Grey Granite Setts.

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Cobbles, setts, kerb and flag identification. To be technically precise (ie: according to BS EN 1342:2001), a sett is a dressed block of stone having plan dimensions that are …

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Cobbles and Setts. Black Limestone Natural Cobbles £65m². Beautiful as a boarder to finish off and garden patio or driveway around your home. Available in 100x100 or 200x100 at 40/60mm thick. Black/Grey Sawn Block Paving £65m². Tumbled and brushed natural stone block paving calibrated 40mm for driveways and pathways.

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Setts are small blocks of dressed stone that are used in a variety of paving projects, often complementing (or even substituting) traditional block paving. Sometimes referred to as Belgian blocks, setts are broadly rectangular pieces of quarried stone with a depth and width of between 75-200mm, and a length of anywhere between 75mm to 450mm.

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The sale of natural stone: we have a large stock of natural stone for you to choose from :Setts, flagstones, edging stones, kerbstones,Japanese stepping stones, swimming pool coping, troughs, bollards and pillars…in granite, sandstone, slate and gneiss.. The sale of decorative cobbles: our cobbles bring added charm to your exteriors and enhance your landscaping designs.

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Setts & Cobbles. Create a beautiful, functional patio with our fantastic range of stone setts and cobbles. Milestone supplies all kinds of patio cobbles to help you achieve the right look for your outdoor space. Each material has its own features and benefits. Choose Indian sandstone setts for an extra-durable paving solution that boasts ...

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These are our granite setts. Granite setts can be used for paving, path edging or for quoins. They are a broadly rectangular quarried stone used originally for paving roads, today a decorative stone paving used in landscape architecture and driveways. A sett is distinct from a cobblestone by being quarried or shaped to a regular form, whereas a cobblestone is generally naturally occurring.

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Setts can commonly be referred to as cobbles however there is in fact a difference between them. Setts take a flat square shape whereas cobblestone is traditionally rounded. Setts and cobbles are available in various sizes, colours and finishes. We can supply in Donegal Quartzite, Granite, Limestone and Sandstone materials.

Sett (paving)

Laying setts in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013. A sett, also known as a block, Belgian block or sampietrini, is a broadly rectangular quarried stone used in paving roads and walkways. Formerly in widespread use, particularly on steeper streets because setts provided horses'' hooves with better grip than a smooth surface, they are now encountered ...

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Yorkstone setts are a cost effective and practical natural stone for driveways, courtyards and pathways. Not to mention the charm and beauty that Natural stone beholds. Reclaimed Yorkshire stone setts provided a quality that is unmatched by concrete, tarmac or gravel solutions. Yorkstone setts …

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Granite Setts,Basalt Setts for roading and pedestrian use. Basalt paving and Granite setts offers a natural, classic, highly durable product that can be finished to individual requirements. Basalt and granite sets offer a product range with very high technical properties that can be supplied in everything from small sets to the larger paving ...